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Where I grew up

I grew up in a particularly leafy suburb of Coventry called Finham, which when I was born, was almost entirely surrounded by fields and the country side. As time went on it became more built up and connected to the City but it is still a very pleasant area.

photo of anchorway road

Anchorway Road and Erithway Road

15 bus stop
A view from the 15 bus stop at the top of the street where I lived. You can see over to Gibbet Hill, where beyond that lies Warwick University. I could walk across the fields to get there.
Kenilworth Road
Part of the Kenilworth Road which leads from Kenilworth into Coventry, it is tree lined almost all the way to the City Centre, is is the route I would follow into town
Devils Dungeon
The Devils Dungeon, Old quarry workings in the spinney off the Kenilworth Road, where generations of children have ridden and played on their bikes
erithway road
Erithway road just at the back of where I was born, with a view to open countryside at Baginton.
back entry

The back entry, where I used to play, is virtually unchanged since 30 years

top entry
The top entry, The gates on the left are the back garden of the house where I was born
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