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first encountered Morris through Architecture. I have always had a love of medieval churches, and in the year before I went up to University, I decided to take that a step further by studying the Gothic Revival.
I read all the original texts: "Contrasts" by AWN Pugin, "A description of Fonthill Abbey", Rickman's "Analysis", Ruskin's "Stones of Venice" and so on. Somewhere along the way I met up with Morris and the firm.

My next encounter with this extraordinary fellow was through his political writings, which I came across at Warwick University, who have the complete works including a Dover facsimile of one of the fantasy novels.

I was hooked as there was so much to the man. His interests and political viewpoint, in particular his views about art were mine. Once I had discovered the Society through finding the address in a book of political writings there was no stopping me.

Alas I am not much of an artist myself, and my poetry bears little relation to Morris's however my father was a skilled craftsman, who built a loom for my mother to weave on, and my brother is an artist in paint and textiles.

I content myself with a little writing, and publishing. Here you will find some examples of Morris's writing, in electronic form as well as some samples of Kelmscot borders I have scanned myself.

I also have a discussion list about William Morris which you can subscribe to by sending an email to: with subscribe in the subject header.

Please feel free to use my borders, buttons and backgrounds on your site, so long as you acknowledge with a link back and inform me. I would be very grateful if you could show your appreciation for downloading my material by visiting my bookstore and buying a book about Morris. Please be sure not to use material I have sourced from outside without the appropriate permission. Thank you.



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