My Christmas Journey into Wales 2016 AD.

It is never simple is it? I thought all would be fine with a hire car, what can possibly go wrong, well the weather was against me again, another wet and very windy Christmas day so no spectacular mountain views this year, however my journey was curtailed early as a tyre blew out!!!

Starting out at dawn at Lake Vyrnwy as usual.


Farmhouse Lake Vyrnwy

Here is one I forgot to add to this site yesterday.

Bala Lake, very choppy.

T E Ellis, whoever he was.





You do not want to know how many gates there can be across some roads.
















Shortly after this, a tyre burst on one of those single track roads and I had to drive all the way down, shredding the tyre as I went, in order to find somewhere safe to change a wheel.

The photographer in an angry mood. (well you would be)

Last years pictures


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