Mission Statement

My continuing mission is to redress the balance of negative attitudes and action against disabled people in the U.K.

As we move toward the new millennium and see years of campaigning begin to bear fruit in terms of access and transport, it is necessary to extend the concept of access beyond the physical and consider the no less powerful barriers of attitude, which disempower people who are labelled as learning disabled and mentally ill. Such as the failure to adapt working and educational practices to take account of no less important needs.

The lack of access to education and subsequently meaningful work is one of the key factors which militates against successful integration into main stream society for all people who are otherwise marginalised and labelled as disabled, whether the cause be accidental, organic, physical, mental or whatever.

At the same time we must learn to recognise the changes in working practices generally which are due in the new millennium and recognise the need for adequate means of support for people during periods away from employment and of course eventual retirement. No political party in Britain is currently up to the task, for until we take a full part in the political process as equals, we will be overlooked

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