A discussion about Theory of Mind: From an Autistic Perspective from Autism Europe's Congress 2000

J Blackburn, Katja Gottschewski, Elsa George, Niki L


This is the text of a presentation made by a group of autistic advocates at one of Autism Europe’s annual conferences. This was a time at the cusp of developing wider international co-operation between autistic advocates, which was facilitated by organisations such as Autistics Network International and the on line communities at the time. Some of the individuals in the text have not been able to be traced, and one Patricia Clarke, has unfortunately died in the interval, after having assisted in the founding of the Autscape Organisation, from her involvement with the US equivalent at the time, Autreat.  Jane Meyerding is still active and an article of hers can be found elsewhere in Autonomy. Katja Gottchewski and Jean Miller are currently active too.


Autism; Neurodiversity; Theory of Mind


Baron-Cohen, Simon, and John Swettenham. (1997). "Theory of Mind in Autism: Its Relationship to Executive Function and Central Coherence." In Donald J. Cohen and Fred R. Volkmar, eds., Handbook of Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorders 2cd Ed. (pp. 880-893). New York: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

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