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Growing up with a Asperger's syndrome, by Larry Arnold part IV

My new life

As there is a long way from where I left off to the present, this is an introduction to those years.

A photograph of me in 1983 pushing my mother in a wheelchairMy mother was never content to take and always wanted to give back. After going to an advice agency to get her benefits sorted out, she wanted to become a volunteer and help other disabled people in the same situation. It was 1981, and the international year of disabled people. Disability was given a high profile and the advice service was going to move in with a new venture called the benefits shop.

My mother suggested I do the training as well, but I took some convincing. She knew what she was up to as it gave me a new focus in life too. At first I went along just so that I would be able to know how to deal with the system myself, but she was grooming me to become a volunteer in this venture to.

It changed my life completely when the benefit shop opened. I became part of something important, and was making a contribution to society. We both were.

a photograph of me and my mother at an advice desk around 1985My eyes were opened up to a different world, the world I was to spend the next 17 years in, gaining the skills I needed to assist my mother in the struggle for disabled peoples rights. Whatever it was necessary for me to learn to further that, I learnt. To use computers, to write publicity, to design research, to create exhibitions, all of that through involvement in the voluntary sector, which you can find out about on my main page. We became involved in the fledgling Coventry Council of Disabled People which she went on to chair, and was a figurehead forbehind her. My personality was not . All the while I was at her side and importantto live for both of us. Early on , it was the cause that mattered, a reason during that period my father diedjust as I was eventually to . I arranged the funeral, arrange my mother’s twelve years later. The rest is history ....


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My life as a carer


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