My music

This is a new page to celebrate some of the music I enjoy making.

I taught myself to play the flute and penny whistle, though when I was younger I learnt to play the trombone.

I still cannot sight read music however and learn all the tunes by ear.

Recently I completed a music technology course and am still studying for anothe music technology qualification. This has given me new opportunities to make music in a new way.

My dad had a 50's EP of an eccentric street musician named Moondog aka Louis Hardin. My brother has the EP now (On The Streets Of New York) Moondog who died in 1999, was an individualist musician, who is indefinable, rhythmic and inventive. No-one else but me seems to have heard of Moondog but he apparently has a following among the cognoscenti.

Any way enough of the banter here is some of my stuff, as 64 bit mp3's

  Weird sounds, an eclectic piece made by sampling
  Video footage of me playing the whistle
  An arrangement of the above.
  And again
  An arrangement of Thomas Tallis "te lucis ante terminum" with voiceover from my video "Terra Incognita"
  Variations on a Theme of Thomas Tallis, also from "Terra Incognita"
  The above in context as a video "The Road not Taken"
  Kyrie Eleison (orbis factor) another interpretation of a plainsong classic



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